About Us

Wasp Waist Co. was created by women for women. Many times many companies try to sell you an ideal "image", wether it be a product or a miracle solution to all your problems. The thing is, many companies that sell waist trainers only sell you the aesthetic of an hourglass figure. Created by Jessica Sanchez, someone who has been waist training for a sum of 4 years, she understands that with waist training there is a process. Just like with any routine that seeks self-improvement such as weight loss, weight gain, or skin care...there is always a safe method that should be followed! 

The truth is? Waist trainers are a TOOL to help you achieve your body goals. They help sculpt your body as you go along your journey, but YOU HAVE TO put in the work! With a healthy diet, light to moderate exercise, a positive mindset, and creating a routine to wear your waist trainer on a regular basis, you have created the perfect formula to achieve the best version of YOU. 

Remember, we are here to help you! This company was built to create a community of self love and positive body image affirmation. Visit our FAQ page if you have any questions we can answer or follow us on our socials to stay updated and for helpful tips!